Custom Landing Site Design

NEW!!!  Landing Site Design, $75 ($50 if purchased with a CoffeeShop blog design)

The CoffeeShop Landing Site Design includes:

* Installation of custom template
* Installation of header with your logo and under that a single photo or storyboard (additional fee for slideshow)
* Up to five custom simple text buttons
* Custom Favicon

*Installation of slideshow using up to 5 slides you design ($20)
*Custom-designed simple slideshow with three slides and installation (up to three photos per slide) ($40)

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What is a Landing Page/Site?  A landing page is simply a stand-alone blog with a single front page that people "land" on and then can be redirected to all of your other sites; such as your website/blog/facebook/twitter/etc. 

Why would I want a Landing Page/Site?  Many people prefer to have a landing page be their main web address they give out to people.  With this one address, your clients or friends can then access all of your other websites.  It looks very professional.

Can I use my CoffeeShop-designed Landing Page/Site as a normal website?  No.  I design the landing sites to be a simple "front page" where people can access all of your other websites. 

Can we make the landing page on my blog?  Unfortunately no.  You must have a second Blogger blog to use as your landing page.  I suggest giving the landing page your main address; such as  

Are Blogger Blogs free?  A blogger blog is free, but you can buy your own custom domain name through them for $10/year, no hosting fees.

Can I see some samples of your landing page designs?  {sample 1} {sample 2} {sample 3}
Landing page with slideshow (additional fee) {sample 3}

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