CoffeeShop Website/Blog Design Details and Prices

I am taking new website/blog order! I have also added a free set of beautiful custom headers/slides in addition to the simple ones I already provide with each design.    I would be honored to create your perfect website or blog, so please don't hesitate to ask for customization or design suggestions.

The website/blog request form can be found below.

If you have any questions please email Rita at

Hi, this is Rita and I design custom blogs and websites!    So you want a beautiful blog, professional-looking website, blog/website combo, or a landing page? No problem, I can design your dream site for you and have it up in less than a week.  I also love working with newbies!!!   ♥

CoffeeShop website designs run beautifully on computers, tiny smartphones, and tablets.  This page has samples of my most current work.  Here is a sample PhotoBlog/Website.  I also design two-column sites with a main post side and sidebar for gadgets/buttons (Sample 1, Sample 2).

Each CoffeeShop blog or website design is only $99 and contains:
  • Professional Photo Website/Blog for posting large images or  2-column Website/Blog with a main column and a sidebar for gadgets/buttons.  My designs run beautifully on computers, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Design and installation of a customized background surrounding your site, post-dividers, favicon, and set-up of fonts.
  • Installation of top header with your logo/taglines and a photo slideshow underneath    
  • Set-up and installation of menubar (with drop-downs) for linking websites, galleries, favorite links, items to purchase, portfolios, pages, post labels, etc. and custom Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, and Email buttons.
  • Free website hosting through Blogger and no annual/additional fees.  You can also easily point your new website/blog toward a custom domain.
  • Set of free simple top header/slides, custom detailed top headers/slides, and custom-designed storyboards for posting your images on your new website included with each design.
  • Full installation on your Blogger-hosted website (you don't have to do anything!) and detailed instructions for updating design elements and menubar.

Here are some recent CoffeeShop blog designs in action. {Marcia Roberts Photography} {A Life of Whimsey} {Cara Kilian Photography} {Cris C Photography} {the present photography} {Rhonda Quaney} {Blinc Pics} {Photography by Kari} {Tamara Tovey Photography} {Deanna Addison Photography} {JellyBean Pictures}

I also offer a la carte updates of your CoffeeShop Designs!  I send full instructions to update the design elements and menubar with each of my designs, but I wanted to offer this service for your convenience.    If you want an update, just email me at with the details.

Save hours of work and get the beautiful professional looking blog/website you have always wanted.  I complete most of my designs within a few days after you make payment.  I even send full instructions to update the design elements and menubar in the future!  If you want me to update your CoffeeShop-designed website just email me at

So how does this all work?

1.  Simply scroll down and select your favorite background design (it will appear on the sides of your website), background border, and post divider.  I will change the colors and adjust the amount of texture to match your style, but if you don't see something you like please let me know and I will do my best to design something you love!  I can also install your own images/textures/digital paper as a background, but you are responsible for making sure the Terms of Use allow me to install it on your site.

I can also use digital paper from Sassy Designs.  If I don't already own the paper (complete list here) then I send you an invoice for the cost of the paper so I can purchase it to use in your design (most paper sets cost $4-$5).  In most cases I can change the colors if needed.

2.  Copy the website/blog request form below, paste it in an email, and fill it out. Email it to

3. I will send a start-up package that contains a large selection of blank photo slide templates (Step 1). You simply add your logo, blog title and/or tagline to a small top static header and your favorite photos to up to 5 photo slide templates using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (or any image editing program that opens .psd files). I include full instructions. You can also design your own slides as long as they are 1000px wide.

If you are short of time I will design a custom simple top static header (you provide the logo/images) and three simple photo slides (you provide the images) for $30.

The start-up package also includes step-by-step instructions on how to add me as temporary admin. to your site so I can install your new design (Step 2).

4. Once you send me everything I need for the design and I am an admin on your site,  I will get the invoice out to you in the order I receive the requests. After the invoice is paid I will send background proofs to make sure you love the design and colors you chose, and then install everything on your blog (usually within a few days).  Note: I install the new design directly on your website rather than use a test website as this allows me to get your new website design up much faster and also allows me to keep my prices so affordable.

CoffeeShop Website/Blog Designs are $99 and include installation on your Blogger-hosted site. I also send instructions with each design that show you how to update your menubar, slideshow, and many other design elements on your new blog. Please cut and paste this into an email with your answers.

1. What is your Blogger-hosted website address? If you don't have one yet, go to and register for a free one.  If you own your own personal domain you can point it toward your new site.

If you also want a landing page, please make a note here ($50 extra with blog design order, must have second blogger blog address).

Do you want a one-column photo-blog/website  for posting large images (sample), or do you want a 2-column site with a sidebar for gadgets (sample)?

2. Which textured background (see below, all can be customized for your site) do you want on the sides of your website?
    Background color(s)?
    Which border (see below) do you want surrounding your website pages/posts?
    Border color?

I can also use digital paper from Sassy Designs.  If you want a custom background designed with digital papers from these designers I will charge you the paper set purchase price so I can use them in your design. Most paper sets cost $4-$5. In many cases I can adjust colors to match your logo. Please link Paper Pack and and note which paper /color of paper here. Here is a list of papers I already own that can be used in your background design for free.

These designs come with white backgrounds behind the post area. 

3. Which premade post divider (see below) do you want installed?
    Post divider color?

If you want a simple custom-designed post divider using design elements from your logo, in most cases there will be no additional fee. Please make a note about customized details here.

4. This website design comes with the installation of a slideshow header and a top static header for your logo/tagline. I will send a large set of free slide templates with full instructions so you can easily assemble these on your own in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and send them back to me to install on your blog. I also include instructions on changing these out in the future.

If you are short on time, for a $30 additional design fee I will design a simple top static header (you provide the logo/images) and a simple photo slideshow with 3 flashing slides (up to 3 images/slide, I will put the images in the way I think look best and I won't necessarily use all of the images you send me). Would you like me to design your slideshow header?

5. What menutabs do you want on top of your website? Please paste actual website links to your websites, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. with this questionnaire if you want me to add them. Make sure to list the drop-down links if possible. I can link pages, websites, labels on posts, etc. I send full instructions to update the menubar later on your own, but I prefer to set up as much as I can for you. For example: Home, Website, About Me, Gallery (Baby, Child, Family, Senior), Contact Me, Facebook, Instagram

6. What email address do you want me to invoice?  You can pay via paypal or cc. I don't send an invoice until I am ready to start working on your design.

7. Please attach your logo if you want me to match colors or use it in your design.

8.  Additional Comments:

Please copy and paste this website request form into an email and send it to Rita at .

Step 1: Select a post divider (these go between your posts). I can customize the colors.  I will also create simple custom-designed post dividers with your logo or design elements.  In most cases there will be no additional fee.

Step 2:  Please select your favorite border and background.  

The color scheme and amount of texture can be changed, colors seen here are only for demonstration!  We can also papers from Sassy Designs and other designers that allow their work to be used in website design.

The background includes the patterned and/or colored area surrounding your white post area and the border around your blog (you can mix and match designs).

A. Border:  Select your favorite border style.  Border colors will be adjusted to coordinate with your blog. 
B. Background:  Select your favorite background below and I will customize it for you by changing the colors, amount of texture, etc.  If you don't see a specific design you love, let me know and I will do my best to design one for you.

I can also use your own custom designs.  Please let me know if you have an idea of what you want and can't find it on my site!  If you want to use a Sassy Designs paper for your background click here to see the ones I already own and can use in your design for no additional fee,  and here to see all of the papers in their shop.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

Plain Jane

Simple Color Tint

Simple Linen

Simple Linen 2

Subtle Fabric

Subtle Fabric 2

Subtle Linen

Subtle Linen 2

Subtle Linen 3

Distressed Painted Wood

Abstract Minimal

Abstract Granite

Abstract Glass

Abstract Paint

Vintage Fabric 2

Vintage Fabric 3

Vintage Fabric 9

Vintage Fabric 10

Vintage Damask 1

Vintage Damask 2

Vintage Damask 3

Vintage Damask 4

Vintage Damask 5

Vintage Damask 6

Vintage Damask 7

Vintage Damask 8

Vintage Damask 9

Vintage Damask 10

Vintage Damask 11

Vintage Damask 12

Vintage Damask 13

Vintage Damask 14

Vintage Damask 15

Vintage Damask 16

Vintage Damask 17

Vintage Damask 18

Vintage Damask 19

Vintage Damask 21

Vintage Damask 22

Distressed Fabric

Vintage Scratch

Vintage Paper

Vintage Paper 2

Vintage Paper 3

Vintage Paper 4

Vintage Paper 5

Distressed Canvas

Watercolor Paper

Vintage Worn Paper

Vintage Painting


Stripe Burst

Painted Stripes



Small Squares

Small Circles

Kissing Circles

Vintage Plate (texture from Playingwithbrushe"s from Flickr)

Bokeh Lights

Vintage Table Cloth

Vintage PostCard

Vintage Floral CrissCross

Speckled Hen

CrissCross Paper

Dotted Swiss

Dandelion Dreams

Email Rita at for questions or to place an order!

I use fonts, patterns, and brushes from:

I get the cutest fonts from Free Scrapbook Fonts! and video hosting by TinyPic
ImageHost.orgThe Graphics Fairy