Sassy Designs Papers

Here is a list of Sassy Designs papers I have already purchased.  Any of these papers can be used in your background design without an additional cost.

Absinthe, Absinthe Solids, Allison, Amanda, Andersen, Angelique, Anna, Antique, Avalon, Baldwin, Bold, Bentley, Berry Sweet, Big Apple, Black Tie, Blossoms, Blush, Blushing, Boudoir, Boulevard, Boutique, Bubblegum, Carmelene, Caroline, Chai Latte, Chandler, Creative Flair, Crisp, Decadent, Elegance, Emmalee, Grayscale, Heartfelt, Heirloom, Heirloom Mini Kit, Hopeful, Jessica, Karen, Lara, Lighthearted, Manhatten, Maria, Melody, Mocha, Moxie, Neon Orange, Neopolitan, Nouvelle, Pink Icing, Primary, Princess, Riviera, Seagrass, Shabby, Sienna, Stephanie, Sunburst, Tattoo, Tranquility, Wooden