Helpful Notes on Downloading/Using the CoffeeShop Download Packs.

Thank you so much for purchasing my CoffeeShop Mega Download pack!!!

NOTE:  Folders must be unzipped before you can install anything.

For specific details in using many of the design elements and actions, please visit my blog, The CoffeeShop Blog. To see before/afters of the actions, you can visit this page.

When you buy the pack you should be directed to an instant download page.  Simply download the pack to your desktop and make sure to save a second copy somewhere safe in case something happens to your computer. I send free updates up to two years after your initial purchase, but after that you will have to repurchase the pack if your computer crashes, you lose the files, or you want the newest version. 

If for some reason you do not get directed to an instant download page you will also receive an email with more download links, sent to the email you used to purchase the pack.  If you don't see the email it might be in your spam folder.

If the download link does not work, please email me at  A perk of buying the pack is you can request by email my newest versions for up to two years after your purchase!

The Mega Pack is a large file, so if your internet is slow, please download during a low internet usage time. Sometimes your internet provider might "hiccup" and the entire pack might not download. If this happens just download again. If you still have issues try a different browser or even a different computer. If you run out of downloads then email me for a new one.

Please download the pack to your desktop, then unzip everything.  Right click on the zipped folders and select unzip or extract.  If you have a PC and can't unzip the files you can download 7-Zip.  If you would rather use a different program, you can pick one from this list.  Please don't try to load zipped folders into Photoshop/PSE, they won't work!!!

Once you have everything unzipped you can start using the items.  Instructions for many of the actions and design elements can be found on my blog. The Action Pack also includes a link to a pdf with before/after images of many of the actions that are also clickable links to step-by-step instructions on using them.

See Tips and Troubleshooting toward the bottom of this post if you have questions.

Mega Download Pack

The Mega Download Pack includes two zipped folders, the Digital Design Pack and the Action Pack.

1. Action Pack

Download the action pack to your desktop and unzip the files.  Open the CoffeeShop Action Pack folder and you should see three folders, The CoffeeShop Action Pack, CoffeeShop Exclusive Actions Pack, and CoffeeShop Lightroom Presets.

Open the CoffeeShop Action Pack folder and you will see three folders, one for the actions for PSE6-PSE10, and one for Photoshop and PSE11-2018, and the Textures and Brushes that go with the actions.

The CoffeeShop Exclusive Actions folder contain all of the actions that can't be found free on my blog (including the Watermarking Action Kit) and are only available in this download pack.

The CoffeeShop Lightroom Presets contains all Lightroom presets. These are older LR presets and might not work in all LR programs.

If you are loading actions in PSE6-PSE10, load the atn files.  Start by loading one action to make sure you know how to do it.  If you are a new action user, please don't load all of the actions at once!

If you have Photoshop or PSE11-2018, load the one action (it has all of the actions grouped in one set).

Loading the actions in Photoshop

Loading the actions is PSE6-PSE10

Loading the actions in PSE11-2018 and see screenshot below:

PSE11-2018 and Photoshop Users Only:

When you load the action group, click on the little triangle to the left of the folder to open the actions.  Then select the action you wish to run by clicking on the action and pushing play.

2. Digital Design Pack

Everything in the Digital Design Pack should be opened like a photo, not loaded like an action.  Open PSE or Photoshop and click File, Open and open the file of interest.

When you unzip the file you should see some folders, similar to the ones above.  Simply open the images and start playing!  You can find many tutorials on using these design elements on my blog.

NIFTY TIP for Photoshop Users!

If you have Photoshop you can turn off the inital pop-up action title comment that come up as you run the action.  I add that information for first-time users of the action, but if you are batch processing or simply don't want to have to press "continue",  just uncheck it in the action!

In the screenshot above you can see that I have opened up "CoffeeShop Dark Eyed Beauty". Look just under the title for the "Stop" step.

Uncheck it and you are good to go!

You can also edit the actions for your own use, but be sure to make a copy and don't edit the original!


1.  Make sure to download the packs somewhere you can find them (desktop), and make sure to unzip everything.  If you open the folders and they are empty, then they did not fully download.  Try downloading again, and if your internet is slow do this during a low internet usage time (late night, early morning).  I have unzipping program suggestions at the top of this page.

If you need more download links please email me at

2.  Do not load digital design elements like actions, open them like images (File, Open).  Do not load any jpgs, psd, and pngs into your action pane (unless they are the tiny thumbnail pngs for PSE10 and below).

3.  If you have PSE6-10 you will have to load the atns.  Please load them in sets (5 or so), not all at once unless you are an experienced action loader.  Load the actions with PSE closed, and delete the mediadatabase or thumbdatabase file before starting PSE, start PSE, and allow it to rebuild.  This could take some time, especially if you loaded many actions.  (See links to loading instructions above).

4.  If you get a warning that the action file you loaded is not compatible with PSE, then you did not load the proper action files OR you loaded actions with PSE6-10 open.  Make sure PSE6-10 is closed before loading actions and load only the tiny png thumbnail and atn files.

PSE11-PSE 2021 needs to be open when you load actions.

5.  If in doubt and things aren't working, close PSE/Photoshop and reboot the computer.

6.  If actions "stop" working properly, it could be because you have changed some type of photoshop/PSE preference setting or the setting became corrupt.  This is a common issue.  To reset preferences, hold down the Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Mac: Command+Option+Shift)  buttons while opening Photoshop or PSE. As Photoshop/PSE loads, you should get a prompt asking if you would like to "delete the Photoshop settings file".   Click yes and you should have a fresh slate with all of the settings returned to their default.

7. You will noticed some of the actions have red checkmarks by the name. That is not going to affect the action at all, it simply means there were unnecessary steps in the action I turned off (and most likely forgot to delete later).