The CoffeeShop Blog Digital Design Download Pack!

Do you want to download a giant zipped file of useful and gorgeous professional digital designs? You ask, I deliver!  Don’t want to bother with downloading the hundreds of professional-quality Photographer Storyboards and Templates, Fine Art Texture and Overlays, Digital Papers, Photo Frames, and other Digital Design Elements individually in my CoffeeShop Blog posts? I went through and zipped  hundreds of individual jpgs, psd, pngs, and patterns (see below for more details) into one instant download available for purchase.

Click HERE for my Photoshop/PSE Action and LR Presets!

These professional photographer and digital designer files have some of the most incredible terms of use out there. They may all be used in your personal or commercial work, no attribution necessary! 

What are the benefits of your purchase?  1)  You get many of my most popular photography and design goodies in one download, saving you the time and frustration of downloading each one individually.  2)  By making this purchase you are supporting The CoffeeShop Blog, which allows me to continue to create and post freebies. 3) You can request free updates up to two years after purchase!

This download does not contain every design element on my blog, but most of the design elements listed in each "ad" below.  Many of the design elements are layered .psd files, so you must have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to use them.  I have also included many .png and .jpg files that can be opened in most editing programs (such as the digital papers). Most of these designs will not work in Lightroom.

Here are some of the design elements included. The Buy Now, Instant Download link is below.


Unfortunately I can not provide one-on-one support on downloading, loading, or using these design elements on your computer and instructions are not included in the download, but I have full instructions posted here and I do have many detailed tutorials posted on my blog.  If you are new to using digital designs, papers, scrapbooking designs, etc. you might want to download a few free ones on my blog first!

COFFEESHOP DIGITAL DESIGN PACK: $39  Includes hundreds of individual design elements, many can be only be used in Photoshop and PSE (digital papers can be used in most editing programs), from my CoffeeShop Blog. approx. 300 MB download  (instant E-junkie download, pay via Paypal or credit card)

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COFFEESHOP MEGA PACK: $49  - (includes the CoffeeShop Design Pack, the CoffeeShop Action Pack and for a limited time the CoffeeShop Watermarking Action Kit), save $34 over purchasing them separately instant download of approximately 300 MB,  pay via Paypal or credit card

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NOTE: You will be directed to the instant download site once you make your purchase and you will also receive an email with an additional download link. The zipped file is quite large (over 300 MB) so it might take some time to download if your internet is slow.  For help: Click here.   And thank you so much for making it possible for me to continue to create for The CoffeeShop Blog!

Due to the downloadable nature of this product, there are no refunds. All sales are final. Please do not share the download. By purchasing any download packs from this page you agree not to sell or distribute it "as is" in any way. Please save a copy of the download somewhere safe in case your computer crashes. Once the year from purchase free update time has expired you must repurchase the pack if you want a new download link. 


TOU:  Everything in this download can be used commercially or personally, without any attribution necessary.  Please don't repackage, put up for download, or sell these design elements "as is".

Many of the Design Elements Included in the Download (no actions):

Professional Photographer Storyboards and Frames (print and web):  4 Corners, 6 Pic, Box in Box, Box-It, Circle Rectangle, Color Bar, Five, Frame 2, Frames 4, Frames 9, Frames 10, Frames 11, Frames 12, Frames 13, Vintage Frames 14, Vintage Frames 15,  Vintage Frames 16, Frames 17, Frames 19, Vintage Frames 21, Vintage Frames 22, Frames 23, Frames 24, Frames 25, Lace, Lucky Circle, Ovals,  Photo Corners, Rounded Corners, Scalloped, Square Egg, Storyboard 2, Storyboard 3, Storyboard 4,  Storyboard 7, Storyboard 8, Storyboard 1, Sweet 16, Wallets, WebBoards 1, WebBoards 2, WebBoards 3, WebBoards 4,  WebBoards 5, WebBoards 6, Downtown Frame, Storyboards 6, Vintage Frames 26, Vintage Frames 27, Vintage Frames 28, Vintage Frames 29, Vintage Frames 30, WebBoards 8, Storyboard 11, Storyboard 12, Storyboard 13, Storyboards 14, Storyboards 15, Storyboard 16, Storyboard 17, Baby's First Year, Storyboard 19, Mini Session 1, Mini Session 2, Storyboard 20, Storyboard 21, Storyboard 22, Storyboard Set 23, Storyboard Set 25, Gold Frame, Storyboard Set 26, Storyboard Set 27, Storyboard Set 28, Storyboard Set 29, Storyboard Set 31, Modern Set #1, Storyboards #34, Storyboards #35, Snow Angel Vintage Gold Frames, Birthday Storyboard Set, Linen Storyboard #38, Lace Storyboard, Photographer Storyboard #39, Photographer Storyboard #40, Photographer Storyboard #41, Photographer Storyboard #43, CoffeeShop 49 Images Storyboard, CoffeeShop 10x20 Storyboard Set, Storyboard 16x20 Set #1, Storyboard 16x20 Set #2,  Storyboard 16x20 Set #3, Storyboard 16x20 Set #5, Baby First Year 52 Weeks 16x20, Fine Art Leather Set,  Quilt Board #2, Quilt Board #3, Fall Mini 2,

Artistic Overlays & Textures and Digital Paper Sets: Baking with Mom,  Ethereal Sky Textures, Painting Textures,  Rainbow Papers, Cloud Textures, Vintage Papers 4, Vintage Papers 5, Vintage Papers 6, Vintage Papers 7, Sunflare Set 1, Paper Set 1, "Emma" Paper Set, "Sarah" Paper Set, "Cupid" Paper Set, "Megan" Paper Pack, "Violet" Paper Pack, "Bonnie" Paper Pack, "Mary" Paper Pack, "Beatrice" Paper Pack, "Diana" Paper Pack, "Julia" Paper Pack, Blume Paper Pack, "Georgia" Paper Pack, "Treats" Paper Pack, "Grace" Paper Pack, "Helen" Paper Pack, "Cherry" Paper Pack, "Betty" Paper Pack, "Lego-Inspired" Paper Pack, Rosy Paper  Pack, Spring Rose Paper Pack, Vintage Rose Paper Pack, Starburst Overlay Set, Summer Light Overlay Set, Gina Paper Pack, Mabel Paper Pack, Artistic Painterly Pack, Artistic Cracked Texture, Artistic Painterly Textures 2, Artistic Timeworn Texture Set, Artistic Canvas Texture Set, Linen Fine Art Texture Set, Nature Painterly Fine Art Texture Set, Oil Painterly Texture Pack, Worn Canvas Texture Pack, Artisanal Fine Art Texture Pack, Beach Skies, Swirly Painterly, Dramatic Beach Sky Overlay, 

Facebook Timeline Covers/Blog Headers:  Facebook Timeline Cover 1, Facebook Timeline Cover 3, Facebook Cover 24, Facebook "Modern" Cover Set, Facebook Cover #19, Facebook Cover Set #20, Facebook Cover #21, Facebook Cover #21 Second, Facebook Cover #22, Facebook Cover #23

Design Elements:  Gold Glitter Pattern, Angel Wings