Limited-Edition CoffeeShop Blogger Designs!

The CoffeeShop "Heather" Design

I am going to release a series of limited-release CoffeeShop blog designs.  This month I am offering the CoffeeShop "Heather" blog design (named after my lovely sister).  This design is very simple and feminine and would be a beautiful design for a personal or commercial blog or website.

Click on the image below to see the site in action.

This blog design includes the design elements seen above and the colors will be customized for your design.  I love using the color palettes at Design Seeds for inspiration.

The CoffeeShop "Heather" Design is $99 and includes:

1.  Simple colored background.
2.  A ribbon header with cutout for your logo/blog title.
3.  A simple vintage slideshow with up to three slides.
4.  All blog posts will have ribbon title bars (as seen above).
5.  Drop-down menubar.
6.  Installation and instructions to change colors/fonts, slides, top header, ribbon title, and menubar.

The CoffeeShop limited-edition pre-made "Heather" Design is $99 and includes installation on your Blogger blog. I also send instructions with each design that show you how to update your menubar, slideshow, and many other design elements on your new blog. Please cut and paste this into an email with your answers.

1. What is your Blogger blog address? If you don't have one yet, go to and register for a free one.

2. This blog design comes with the installation of a top pre-made ribbon-header (using your logo/blog title) and creation and installation of a simple vintage slideshow header with up to three slides.

Select three of your favorite slides from the ones seen above (Slide 1, 2, or 3) and send up to six web-sized images (resized 1000px on long side) for the slides. Please label the images with the slide number and right or left side placement. Be sure the photos will fit the spaces in the slides you select (I can't fit a square image in a rectangular frame.) I also include instructions on changing these out in the future.

Do you want Header 1 or Header 2?                Please send your logo for the header (transparent png if possible) or the blog title. If you want a blog title please select and link a font.  I love the fonts from FontSquirrel.

3. What menutabs do you want on your blog? Please paste actual website links to your websites, twitter, facebook, flickr, etc. with this questionnaire if you want me to add them. Make sure to list the drop-down links if possible. I can link pages, websites, labels on posts, etc. I send full instructions to update the menubar later on your own, but I prefer to set up as much as I can for you.

For example: Home, Website, About Me, Gallery (Baby, Child, Family, Senior), Contact Me, Facebook, Instagram

4.  Please type the color hex#'s or link color palette for your design for the:

Blog background-
Ribbon header-
Logo cutout on header-
Post title ribbon-

5. Would you like to add the CoffeeShop Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit to your order? If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements this action kit will quickly watermark and make your images ready to post on your new blog! The Ultimate Kit is $10 with a blog design (originally $25). 

Would you like to add the CoffeeShop Mega Download Pack to your order? It includes the Ultimate Watermarking Action Kit and my most popular actions and digital design elements on my CoffeeShop Blog. The CoffeeShop Mega Download Pack is $30 with a blog design (originally $49).

7. What email address do you want me to invoice?  You can pay via paypal or cc. I don't send an invoice until I am ready to start working on your design.

8. Please attach your logo if you want me to match colors or use it in your design.

9. Additional notes:

Please send this blog request to Rita at .